Fort McMurray’s reputable auto wrecker and towing company. For more than 40 years, we have assisted our local residents and businesses with towing unwanted, abandoned or illegally parked vehicles, vehicle recovery (lock out service and boosting), salvaging used car and truck parts, and moving mobile homes. 

Family owned and locally operated, we opened the first true auto wreckers & car crushers in the Fort Mcmurray area. Passionate about our business we continue to review innovative ways to re-use or recycle once worthy vehicles parts to be used once again. In addition, we use the the Hollander System to maximize our ability to assist us in how we can better serve you.

Our towing service offers a safety first approach not just for the vehicle or trailer but also for you, the driver and any other party encountered on a tow. Our knowledge is based on years of education and experience in the industry and the area.